How To Get A Maximalist Look In Your Home

Posted on June 23 2020


We talked with Kurt Jacob Miller and Lukas Mack about their online platform Watch as they discuss how to get a maximalist look in your home and their partnership with Conarte.

Kurt Jacob Miller and Luke Mack are my guests and they are with Maxamilist Style a fabulous website. And wait til you see the furniture they have designed. Thanks for joining me gentlemen. So let's talk about first of all maximalist style. What is that and where's the name from? Well, it kind of is a, a reaction to kind of the graying of America and the, the pairing down, the minimalizing of interior design. Our return to color to um, kind of loud and bold and um, uh, quality to quality and a feeling of history. You know. So in that vein, you have taken a piece of furniture and you have made it fabulous. Talk about this piece of furniture. Well, we were lucky enough to partner up with conarte America and they carry a line called Jenise. Um, handmade in Italy is, so a gentleman named Germano in Italy hand-built this piece for us. We chose the colors specifically. We chose the hardware, we changed everything around. We were inspired with, with the red coral, you know, the Italian nod, um, the kind of the sunburst design. So we played around with a lot of different elements and we also removed some of the elements from the piece to just, well, and, and it's also maximalism is also about the quality of the furniture. It's less of a throwaway sort of thing. It's all handmade, handmade or Malu hand painted, hand gilded, right? It's all about, it's all, it's about quality too. It's all ducktailed It's French, it's French cherry and white Oak, um, inside and out. When you open it, we've had as a, an homage to, you know, the Italian end papers you'd find in a beautiful leather bound book, a local artist here in North Carolina. Jill seal to this wonderful Italian marbleized thing. So they've just been fantastic to work with. Um, both in our tan, local local artisans. This is, um, all of their hardware that they use is hand. It's like a centuries old Foundry that does this very heavyweight and very nice. So we typically, this would go down here, but we thought we'll leave it off. We did more of a brush gold. Um, all of their pieces are customizable, so you don't have to, we wanted to, we wanted other designers to think outside the box and so we chose a color that they've never done before. Um, did our own spin and they'd let us go with it. So it was [inaudible] love it. Well, let me ask you a question about, um, not only maximalist but for consumers. What do you think a consumer can do to have a maximalist look but not go over the top in their home? I think it's just about, um, collecting things that you love and having, not being afraid to have more in your space rather than less and just turning it up and out. And it's about, it's about luxury and it's about, we have, we have clients back in Chicago that we do interior design for that we would term modern minute or, um, modern maximalist. And it's a much more paired down, sleek, contemporary look, but it's still maximalist the color and the quality and just kind of the placement of things. And it's just an appreciation. Also, it's an 18th century piece without looking like the 18th century. I mean it's definitely for the new millennium. You're right. And where do you think a consumer should start when they think they like modern, but in fact what they might like is just to keep having little touches and making their home a little more maximalist a little more glam. I would start with wild fabrics, you know, wallpapers, wall coverings, that's a great way to bring maximalism and your home. You know, if you love a crazy wallpaper, go with it. Or a colorful fabric we take, we concurred. We just, if you love this have pillows made out of a lot of inspiration from the way that our clients dress. If you see, if our clients is wearing constantly wearing blue or leopard print, I mean that's a good indication. They might like it. Some throw pillows around the walls there. You know, we have a, we have a husband, wife couple. We, we wanted to do pink walls for them and the husband's like love it. He's fantastic. It's very modern space. But you know, with the things they love and, and also piece the furniture that have, that are really, really well made, whether it's American made furniture, which I worked in, or Italian handmade furniture, don't purge everything that grandma has left. You think about changing it, changing, changing, changing the hardware, changing the hardware, change in the color of it.

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