Early 20th Century Pair of Marble and Gilt Bronze Small Candleholders
Early 18th Century Ann Lady Torrington Mezzotint Engraving Print
Louis XV Style Five Branch Rocaille Wall Lights - a Pair
Early 20th Century Chinese Carved Stone Seals - a Pair
19th Century Continental School, Oil on Zinc Panel
Terracotta Sculpture Bust of Sabine Houdon
Jean Antoine Houdon Style Terracotta Bust of Louis XVII
19th Century Italian Classical Roman Bust of Emperor
Early 19th Century Chinese Wucai Large Bowl
Grand Tour Style Copper Finish Hellenistic Statuettes - a Pair
18th Century Swedish School Portrait of a Noble Women
18th-Century Portrait of a Nobleman
A grand tour style 18” tall statue of Perseus holding a Medusa’s head
Early 18th Century Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Young Woman
Rose and Gold Damask Slipper Chairs - a Pair
A Louis XV Style Gilt Inlaid Walnut Commode
Pair of Italian Neoclassical Giltwood Wall Sconces
Hollywood Regency Giltwood Wall Sconces - a Pair
Grand Tour Style Turned Wood Table Columns-A Pair
18th Century Italian Giltwood Altar Candlesticks - a Pair
Vintage Hand-painted Qianlong Period Marked Cachepot
19th Bronze Plaque of French Composer Daniel Francois
Mid Century Porcelain Chinese Figurines of Immortals - a Pair
19th Century Rose Familie Verte Porcelain Ginger Jars-a Pair
Early 20th Century Dai Nippon Handpainted Ginger Jar
Louis XV Style Gilt Bronze Mounted Chinoiserie Japanese Decorated Commode
An Exceptional Chinoiserie Chic Handpainted Nightstands-A Pair
19th Century Antique Grand Tour Italian Framed Cameos
19th Century Italian Gilded Palladio Mirror With a Crown