Early 19th Century Chinese Wucai Large Bowl


A rare exceptional handpainted bowl, in classical wucai five color tradition. A large scale porcelain bowl with overall dimensions of 4.9"Hx13.65"diameter. Appears to have a small rim chip, visible in the pictures.

Wucai (五彩, "Five colours", "Wuts'ai" in Wade-Giles) is a style of decorating white Chinese porcelain in a limited range of colours. It normally uses underglaze cobalt blue for the design outline and some parts of the images, and overglaze enamels in red, green, and yellow for the rest of the designs. Parts of the design, and some outlines of the rest, are painted in underglaze blue, and the piece is then glazed and fired. The rest of the design is then added in the overglaze enamels of different colours and the piece fired again at a lower temperature of about 850°C to 900°C