Early 20th-Century Handpainted Portrait Miniature of Saint Fabiola


Early 20th century hand painted portrait miniature painting Saint Fabiola or "Lady with Red Scarf" after Jean Jacques Henner. Wood frame with gilt small frame molding around the miniature.

Saint Fabiola was a nurse (physician) and Roman matron of the rank of the company of noble Roman women who, under the influence of the Church father St. Jerome gave up all earthly pleasures and devoted themselves to the practice of Christian asceticism and charitable work.

Jean-Jacques Henner (15 March 1829 – 23 July 1905) was a French painter. Henner was born at Bernwiller (Alsace). He began his studies in art as a pupil of Michel Martin Drolling and François-Édouard Picot. In 1848, he entered the École des Beaux Arts in Paris, and took the Prix de Rome with a painting of Adam and Eve finding the Body of Abel in 1858. In Rome, he was guided by Flandrin, and painted four pictures for the gallery at Colmar among other works.

Henner’s most widely known work is his 1885 portrait of Saint Fabiola. Although the original is now lost, it was copied by artists around the world for devotional purposes.